Tuesday, November 25, 2008

YAMT [posted Oct. 31st 2006 22:48]

If two MDA tools are not enough Ron found another yet another mda tool out there called Acceleo. On the site it is described as: " Acceleo is the most powerful code generator tool of its generation. It has been designed to improve software development productivity." and it continues to explain: "Based on the Eclipse and EMF standards, Acceleo brings to everyone the MDA approach applied to development industrialization."

It is an open source MDA tool of which the creators sell a Pro verison that has extra features, prefab domain specific modeling and generation templates.

Acceleo was created by Obeo a small French company. It is a very practicle/pragmatic tool based on eclipse which makes clever use of all the editor facilities to facilitate the user in relatively easily making genration templates and generating code from UML(2) models.

Wikipedia has the following on Acceleo, I'm afraid it was written by the people who made it though.

It can be found on the Eclipse plugins site. They have further turned it into a project on the ObjectWeb.

My colleague Pascal has spent some time of late to get Acceleo to generate .Net code based on an architecture derived form the Domain Driven Design book using NHibernate as a OR mapping/persistency framework. Hopefully Pascal will share some of his experiences here soon.

Today Ron, Pascal and I had a conference call with one of the CEO's/creators of Obeo/Acceleo. He demoed the new Pro version and we were very impressed by the features that holds over the open source version. Traceablility from model to code is a big feature and very well executed.

If you are looking for an MDA tool to quickly help you on your way and well enough set up to very probably be around and usefull in the years to come you should definately check out Acceleo.

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