Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Beam me up... [posted Oct. 5th 2005 23:45]

I recently read an article by Scott Ambler entitled The roadmap to agile MDA. Alas, when I just looked it up I found out it was written in 2004, which makes this response somewhat less meaningfull.

I thnk Scott has some good points when it comes to disadvantages of MDA but my main issue with this article is the fact that it is relatively easy to criticise for instance the fact that UML does not have tools to support it as good as modern IDE's and knowledge of UML being less widespread than that of Java. IDE's have been around a hell of lot longer than UML Modelling tools and there has been a lot more competition. And there will probably allways be more people that understand less abstract languages than those that use the more abstract ones.

But that is precisely the point where I don't quite understand Scott, aiming for more abstraction seems like the thing even or maybe exactly the Agile advocates should go for. I don't think code like Java or the like are that agile so why make it the basis.

The problem with people affiliating themselves too much with movements that have a commercial side to them (like Agile, but also UML, RUP and so on) is that one can never quite trust their opinion, as they might incorporate just a little commercial interest. Does this mean I wouldn't mix the two, I like to think so at least, and at the moment I know so. Yes that means this blog is far from hitting it big I'm affraid ;-)

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