Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lost in language [posted Aug. 15th 2005 22:36]

Just in case one is tempted to think nerds speak only computer, there are other languages that inspire nerds.

It's great to see people lose themselves in languages. Especially in an age where people seem to stop bothering formulating anything properly, never mind checking spelling.

I remember someone mentioning his amazement at this phenomenon on technical fora on slashdot (can't find the exact article). He thought it strange since developers (did he think slashdot is only frequented by people capable of producing code? probably a slight over estimation) have to formulate precisely in order to specify or code functionality. He was flamed mercilessly by people seemingly proud of their own inabilities.

Maybe this is an indication that most people can't or do not want to formulate precise even when specifying or coding. Could this be a reason for the trouble in IT (poor quality, delays)? Hmmm, do I feel another reason for heightened levels of abstraction and meta programming coming up?

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