Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holy war [posted July 5th 2005 23:28]

For the first months after MDA came into my life I was completely content to know that I had seen the future and it will be. Recently I realised that one of the reasons that I felt so good about MDA was that it seemed so undisputed. Something you have just gotten to know usually is because you simply haven't gotten to that part of the complete picture. With MDA I had a naive feeling though that this was so new and improved it would be years before anything would touch it.

Well alas, it did not take long before terms like generative programming and DSL started to apear on my horizon. It probably was just pure coincidence that I bumped into MDA first since all of these techniques have been around for quite some years. And they have lived along side each other peacefully for about the same amount of time. However, I'm getting the feeling that just as with Java and .NET as one of the most recent examples MDA and DSL will be getting into a religious battle before long.

This usually soils the joy this kind of great technologies have for me. But maybe it is one of the reasons why both MDA and DSL will evolve faster than expected in the coming years. As the great warriors of holy wars of the past IBM and Microsoft again seem to be taking oposing sides this battle is not going to be over soon.

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