Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MDA tools [posted Oct. 31st 2006 21:34]

So what happened over the last year, well a lot, and very little came out of my hands except the projects that I worked on for clients. Not the most interesting stuff.

However, my neighbour in the mean time came up with two MDA tools. The first, called MDA Workbench eventually made it into the open source world. You can find it at SourceForge.net. It is described as "Capgemini's MDA Workbench is a powerful, simple MDA tool implemented as an Eclipse plug-in. The MDA Workbench allows for creating (UML) model-to-code mappings, markings and lifecycle management from model to code. Proven in very large and small projects.

As if that was not enough Ron went on and created AmplifyMDA. This MDA tool has the tagline "Amplify MDA is an open source Eclipse-based IDE that enables the generation of software components from high-level (usually UML) models. Components can be generated for any programming language (Java, Ruby, HTML, PHP, ?)".

Please do check both of these tools out. A lot of thought went into them and they have proven to be very pragmatic and usefull. And they proof once again that life's not about doing projects that customer pay for but about things that one feels passionate about. I can only say I am humbled by what Ron managed to do in the last year and I feel lucky he is willing to go and have a beer with me once in a while ;-).

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