Thursday, November 20, 2008

Have cycles [posted Aug. 15th 2005 21:19]

Some time ago Grady Booch (I seriously have to do something about my appearence if I want to make it big in IT...) wrote an article named Got cylces about grid computing. Or rather about or Folding@Home and their effort to make use of idle cycles of computers. Seti at home is the popular example of this technology.

This technology has been adopted by IBM recently and that's probably why mr. Booch mentions it, apart from the fact that he probably likes to support this good cause.

United Devices has been active for more than 5 years, I have been running the Folding@Home (and the UD agent) for at least 5 years on my own computers and that of the projects I worke on. Usually a short introduction to the fact that this beautifull small application turns your idle cycles into usefull resources used for cancer research is enough to have collegues run it aswell.

So if you want to do good by just sitting there behind your PC, download the program, install and with less than minute you'll have yourself one of the coolest screensavers around (that's thrown in for free).

Have you done your good deed for today

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