Saturday, November 8, 2008


Meta Thought Facility has been riunning for some years at a provider of my choice which made it possible for me to have full control but also meant I had to do all the system maintenance on the blogging software and such.

Maybe it's because I'm in software and have to maintain/tweak/install software more than I like to during the day that I just cannot be bothered to do that stuff at night and enjoy it. Worse I dislike it so much it was getting in my way of blogging for a long time since my blog had to be stopped for security reasons (the software I used needed an update really bad).

Anyway I decided to ive blogspot/blogger a try since I hope it means I have to do very little in terms of maintenance. We'll see what this brings. I will move my history of blogging to this place soon.

Hope I will pick up the blog soon and with higher frequency than before, :bob

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