Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taking it one step further [posted Oct. 5th 2005 23:16]

The fact that Java source and comment is used in UML - Java roundtrip tools as more or less interchangeable things is completely in line with the OMG MOF model whre UML and Java are both a M2 level definition. This means, if I'm not mistaken that one could use Java as a basis for code generation instead of UML.

This would be good news since UML is still very bothersome when entering large amounts of information. At least I have found very few UML modelling tools if any at all where one could enter information as effectively as in an IDE. I had good hopes for HUTN (Human Usable UML) but I agree with my neighbour that it probaby is easier to use a syntaxt one is familiar with.

Mapping Java to UML instead of the other way around seems a problem, but one probably doesn't need to be able to express all UML features using Java to end up with a powerfull basis for codegeneration based on MDA principles.

These are exciting times indeed.

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