Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rails might be Ruby's killing application [posted Nov. 1st 2006 00:27]

Recently I held a presentation on Ruby and Ruby on Rails and one of the conclusions I drew at the end surprised me/hit me just when I wrote these conclusions only an hour before presenting.

The only way that Ruby will get out of its niche position is when it can enter the Enterprise world. It has been doing so not directly but certainly ideas that were, in my mind, formed from Ruby concepts like dependency injection have penetrated the Enterprise world.

The main driving force behind a lot that is going on in the Ruby world at the moment and certainly the source of attention is the Ruby killer app Ruby on Rails. However since it is opinionated software and it has a very opinionated (not to say irritating at times) front man in the shape of [http://www.loudthinking.com/|David Heinemeier Hansson] eager to proof the Enterprise world wrong it could well be that if the Ruby community doesn't get the message accross that Ruby is not only RoR, Ruby will never get into the Enterprise environment.

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